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INNOTOCK AI Calculator
$795 for 1 month
For annual subscription (billed monthly) or $1,000 for monthly subscription
  • Economic Order Quantity
  • Economic Production Quantity
  • Safety Stock
  • Reorder Points
  • Min-Max Model Design
  • Newsvendor Model (1 period)
  • Compare (2) policies
  • Compare (2) sources (Make/Buy analysis)
$1,795 for 1 month
For annual subscription (billed monthly) or $2,000 for monthly subscription
  • Unlimited “What_if” scenario testing of inventory policies
  • Planning models with disruptions
  • Calculation of Total Cost of Ownership
  • Calculation of Standard and Contribution Margins
  • Chart representation of Supply & Inventory plans
$3,795 for 1 month
For annual subscription (billed monthly) or $4,000 for monthly subscription
  • Calculation of Optimal Inventory Plans
  • Single-item or multi-item batch processing
  • Export .csv file to update ERP planning master data
  • Calculation of projected profit margins
  • Maximize Fill Rates while minimizing Total Cost

Available Features

Economic Order Quantity Calculatorxxx
Production Economic Quantity Calculatorxxx
Safety Stock Calculatorxxx
Optimal Review Period Calculatorxxx
Reorder Point Calculatorxxx
Min-Max inventory Modelingxxx
Make vs Buy [2 Source Comparison]xxx
Quick 3 Supply Strategies Comparisonxxx
Single period “Newsvendor” Problemxxx
Main Inventory Policy (s,Q)xxx
Normal Statistical Distributionxxx
Single SKU Processing – Unlimited Runsxxx
Unlimited “What_if” Multivariate Analysis xx
Economic Order Quantity with Disruptionsxx
Economic Order Quantity with Partial Backordersxx
Newsvendor Model with Disruptionxx
Total Cost of Ownership optimization for Fill Rate and Marginxx
Main Inventory Policies (s,Q) (r,S) (s,r,S)x
Allows comparison between methodsx
Charts (Demand / Supply / Inventory)x
Export Charts to Excel with Formulasx
Gamma & Gamma_min Statistical Distx
Contribution Margin Computationx
Calculation of 250+ Inv Policies per Itemx
Calculation of OPTIMAL Inv Policy for Every Item (PFEP)x
Dynamic & Static Time-Bound Algorithmsx
Multiple Batch SKU Processing, Unlimited Runsx

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